SUYAI STEINHAUER - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Independent Midwife and Birth Trauma Specialist

I have trained in Somatic Experiencing with SOS Internationale and am a registered member of the Somatic Experiencing Association UK ( I am part of the SOS Internationale Assisting team on the UK professional trainings and an active member of the SE community.

I have been working with the body and health for the last 24 years, and am passionate about supporting people to access their own inner wisdom and healing potential. I came to the world of trauma therapy through my work as an Independent Midwife. I found that many people would seek independent care after previous difficult and traumatic birth experiences, so I started to explore and study different modalities and to develop skills to support people to understand, integrate and grow from disappointing and difficult birth experiences. I have done trainings with Babette Rothschild (Somatic Trauma Training), Pam England (Birth Story Medicine and Birth Story Listening), Jenny Mullan (Birth Trauma Resolution) and Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova (Birth into Being). I have a lot of experience supporting people to integrate and move through difficult and traumatic birth experiences. I also have a huge interest in pre and perinatal psychology and how our earliest experiences in the womb as well as our births can effect us and our nervous systems.

Though my practice is no longer focused in the birthing field, the art of midwifery and my experiences of holding space for the deep transformational work of birth has greatly shaped and informed my practice as a trauma therapist and SE practitioner.

I am passionate about this work and supporting people on their journeys of healing and transformation. While traditional talk therapy can be effective and helpful, I have personally found the biggest and most profound shifts when working with the body and the nervous system. Since working with SE in my own life, there has been a deeper level of understanding, inner knowing and acceptance that has supported me to align more deeply with myself and my truth. I have a more embodied and compassionate relationship with myself and am more resilient and capable of navigating challenges that arise. I am so grateful to this powerful modality and am honoured to do now be able to support others on their journeys towards healing and wholeness with SE. I am continually blown away and humbled by the profound impact this work can have and the deep change and transformation that is possible.

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