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"Not only is trauma curable, but the healing process can be a catalyst for profound awakening - a portal opening to emotional and genuine spiritual transformation."
- Peter Levine

Life can be hard and challenging... things can happen that knock us off our centre and out of our alignment with our truth and our inner knowing. How we are left feeling about ourselves and our experiences in the past greatly effects how we feel about our lives and ourselves in the present and what we are able to imagine for ourselves in the future. All our emotions and experiences get stored in our bodies, and left unresolved can leave us feeling overwhelmed and less able to cope with the daily stresses of life. Our capacity reduces and we can feel less and less like the versions of ourselves that we most want to be. There may be symptoms of dysregulation and feeling shut down in certain areas of our life, and we can be stuck in patterns of survival that are no longer helpful nor supportive.

Getting the right support can help to make us feel better about ourselves and our lives.

Somatic Experiencing also referred to as SE, is a body based psychotherapeutic approach for working with the effects of trauma and traumatic stress and building resilience. It is based on the work of Dr Peter Levine who developed the work in part by studying how animals in the wild release trauma. Unlike traditional talk therapy, which is based in the narrative of what happened, SE is a body based approach that works with your nervous system through the felt sense in your body to support healing, growth and renegotiation by bringing your body back to regulation.

SE is a gentle but powerful body-based approach that works with the symptoms of trauma, dysregulation, stress, anxiety and overwhelm. We work with the felt sense in the body, helping to stabilise our nervous system, so that our capacity to be with difficult and painful emotional and physical experiences is expanded. When we meet these parts of ourself from a grounded, solid and resourced place, we have the possibility to re-negotiate what has occurred in the past and the energy that was bound-up in the body is released and freed-up - bringing with it a sense of aliveness, wholeness, presence and curiosity. This gives us greater capacity, grounding and clarity to be with difficulties and stress in the present.

This work can support you to reconnect with a sense of aliveness, joy and pleasure, and can enable you to feel more empowered, grounded and capable of navigating through internal and external difficulties and challenges. Most people start to feel better after just a few sessions, but duration of treatment varies from person to person.

Please contact me to discuss if Somatic Experiencing is right for you and how we might work together.

What happens in a session?

In Somatic Experiencing we are working mostly with your body sensations and less with the narrative detail of what happened. With guidance we will bring awareness to your physical sensations and tension patterns and track what you are feeling in your body in the here and now as well as working with images, imagination, gestures and emotions.

Sessions last 1 hour and are mostly done seated opposite your practitioner - in person or on zoom. You'll be invited to make yourself as comfortable as you can and take some time to settle. I will support you to explore different techniques to discover what really works for you, that you can then use in your daily life. As you talk about what you are bringing, you will be encouraged to notice and be with your felt sense - your somatic experience. Throughout the session you will be supported and encouraged to consciously be with and explore what is arising in your body, mind and emotions. As your practitioner I will support and guide you through this process, helping you to navigate and integrate whatever might be arising.

How often?.. and how many will I need?

This depends on you and your process - there is no set answer in terms of frequency or amount of sessions. Clients may have weekly or bi-monthly sessions, or prefer them even more spaced out - but I generally suggest starting with a block of 6 weekly sessions, to get a sense of the work and how it feels in your system and your life. After this people usually have a good sense of whether they wish to continue or not. This is something we can talk about at the time to see what feels right for you and your situation.

I offer both short and long-term work - supporting clients through times of crisis and challenge, focusing on a specific issue or one-off traumatic event (like a car accident, or traumatic birth) - as well as longer-term work - we can discuss what feels right for you and your journey.

How do I start?
Contact me by phone, text or email to arrange a free 30 minute introductory conversation. This gives us the opportunity to get a sense of each other and for you to ask any questions you may have and share with me a little bit more about your goals and what you would like us to explore and work with.

Please give at least 48 hours notice otherwise the full fee will be charged.

Email: fullysuyai@gmail.com
Phone: 07563 642857

Birth is a transformative rite of passage

"There are no failures in birth, what ever happens is the birth – the birth of the baby and the birth of the new mother, or mother of two or three or four. Each birth experience holds gifts of insights for soul crafting. Not so hidden within the story of your experience are your fears and worries, your courage, your life patterns, and all that is playing out in your relationships. Birth will teach us what we need to learn about ourselves on our journey of life. Our children are our greatest teachers." - Jane Hardwicke Collings

Birth Debriefing

A one-off session that helps you make sense of what happened and how this may affect future pregnancies and births. Particularly helpful after a traumatic or disappointing birth when things did not go as planned.

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Birth Trauma Resolution

A highly effective treatment when there are symptoms of PTSD. This includes the 3-step rewind. Suitable for anyone with symptoms of PTSD who has experienced birth or birth related trauma or loss including miscarriage and termination of pregnancy. A 3-session package available in person or on zoom.

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SUYAI STEINHAUER - Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Independent Midwife and Birth Trauma Specialist

I have trained in Somatic Experiencing with SOS Internationale and am a registered member of the Somatic Experiencing Association UK (https://www.seauk.org.uk/). I am part of the SOS Internationale Assisting team on the UK professional trainings and an active member of the SE community.

I have been working with the body and health for the last 24 years, and am passionate about supporting people to access their own inner wisdom and healing potential. I came to the world of trauma therapy through my work as an Independent Midwife. I found that many people would seek independent care after previous difficult and traumatic birth experiences, so I started to explore and study different modalities and to develop skills to support people to understand, integrate and grow from disappointing and difficult birth experiences. I have done trainings with Babette Rothschild (Somatic Trauma Training), Pam England (Birth Story Medicine and Birth Story Listening), Jenny Mullan (Birth Trauma Resolution) and Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova (Birth into Being). I have a lot of experience supporting people to integrate and move through difficult and traumatic birth experiences. I also have a huge interest in pre and perinatal psychology and how our earliest experiences in the womb as well as our births can effect us and our nervous systems.

Though my practice is no longer focused in the birthing field, the art of midwifery and my experiences of holding space for the deep transformational work of birth has greatly shaped and informed my practice as a trauma therapist and SE practitioner.

I am passionate about this work and supporting people on their journeys of healing and transformation. While traditional talk therapy can be effective and helpful, I have personally found the biggest and most profound shifts when working with the body and the nervous system. Since working with SE in my own life, there has been a deeper level of understanding, inner knowing and acceptance that has supported me to align more deeply with myself and my truth. I have a more embodied and compassionate relationship with myself and am more resilient and capable of navigating challenges that arise. I am so grateful to this powerful modality and am honoured to do now be able to support others on their journeys towards healing and wholeness with SE. I am continually blown away and humbled by the profound impact this work can have and the deep change and transformation that is possible.

about me
  • Frome, England, United Kingdom

Currently available for in person sessions in Frome on Tuesdays and zoom sessions at other times