Life can be hard and challenging... things can happen that knock us off our centre and out of our alignment with our truth and our inner knowing. How we are left feeling about ourselves and our experiences in the past greatly effects how we feel about our lives and ourselves in the present and what we are able to imagine for ourselves in the future. All our emotions and experiences get stored in our bodies, and left unresolved can leave us feeling overwhelmed and less able to cope with the daily stresses of life. Our capacity reduces and we can feel less and less like the versions of ourselves that we most want to be. There may be symptoms of dysregulation and feeling shut down in certain areas of our life, and we can be stuck in patterns of survival that are no longer helpful nor supportive.

Getting the right support can help to make us feel better about ourselves and our lives.

Somatic Experiencing also referred to as SE, is a body based psychotherapeutic approach for working with the effects of trauma and traumatic stress and building resilience. It is based on the work of Dr Peter Levine who developed the work in part by studying how animals in the wild release trauma. Unlike traditional talk therapy, which is based in the narrative of what happened, SE is a body based approach that works with your nervous system through the felt sense in your body to support healing, growth and renegotiation by bringing your body back to regulation.

SE is a gentle but powerful body-based approach that works with the symptoms of trauma, dysregulation, stress, anxiety and overwhelm. We work with the felt sense in the body, helping to stabilise our nervous system, so that our capacity to be with difficult and painful emotional and physical experiences is expanded. When we meet these parts of ourself from a grounded, solid and resourced place, we have the possibility to re-negotiate what has occurred in the past and the energy that was bound-up in the body is released and freed-up - bringing with it a sense of aliveness, wholeness, presence and curiosity. This gives us greater capacity, grounding and clarity to be with difficulties and stress in the present.

This work can support you to reconnect with a sense of aliveness, joy and pleasure, and can enable you to feel more empowered, grounded and capable of navigating through internal and external difficulties and challenges. Most people start to feel better after just a few sessions, but duration of treatment varies from person to person.

Please contact me to discuss if Somatic Experiencing is right for you and how we might work together.