What happens in a session?

In Somatic Experiencing we are working mostly with your body sensations and less with the narrative detail of what happened. With guidance we will bring awareness to your physical sensations and tension patterns and track what you are feeling in your body in the here and now as well as working with images, imagination, gestures and emotions.

Sessions last 1 hour and are mostly done seated opposite your practitioner - in person or on zoom. You'll be invited to make yourself as comfortable as you can and take some time to settle. I will support you to explore different techniques to discover what really works for you, that you can then use in your daily life. As you talk about what you are bringing, you will be encouraged to notice and be with your felt sense - your somatic experience. Throughout the session you will be supported and encouraged to consciously be with and explore what is arising in your body, mind and emotions. As your practitioner I will support and guide you through this process, helping you to navigate and integrate whatever might be arising.

How often?.. and how many will I need?

This depends on you and your process - there is no set answer in terms of frequency or amount of sessions. Clients may have weekly or bi-monthly sessions, or prefer them even more spaced out - but I generally suggest starting with a block of 6 weekly sessions, to get a sense of the work and how it feels in your system and your life. After this people usually have a good sense of whether they wish to continue or not. This is something we can talk about at the time to see what feels right for you and your situation.

I offer both short and long-term work - supporting clients through times of crisis and challenge, focusing on a specific issue or one-off traumatic event (like a car accident, or traumatic birth) - as well as longer-term work - we can discuss what feels right for you and your journey.

How do I start?
Contact me by phone, text or email to arrange a free 30 minute introductory conversation. This gives us the opportunity to get a sense of each other and for you to ask any questions you may have and share with me a little bit more about your goals and what you would like us to explore and work with.

Please give at least 48 hours notice otherwise the full fee will be charged.

Email: fullysuyai@gmail.com
Phone: 07563 642857